Disney Baby Finding Nemo Fun Tub Review

Disney Baby Nemos Fun Tub Review

Summer Fun EventDisney Finding Nemo Fun TubBath-time is a favorite time of mine and Baby Diggers, we always have such fun and I have so many wonderful bathtime memories with her. At night I give her a nice warm bath before bedtime and it helps her go to sleep more easily when bedtime comes especially after a long day of outdoor summer fun. I remember when I was looking for a tub for her there were many cute options but none of them were as fun as the Disney Baby Finding Nemo Fun Tub! When I saw this tub I fell in love not only because Finding Nemo is one of my all time favorite Disney movies but it has so many fun features!

Disney Baby Nemos Fun Tub Review

The Disney Baby Finding Nemo Fun Tub can be used from birth all the way up to 2 years old. When you take it out of the box you just need to snap together the toy bar and attached it to the tub. Then if you are using the sling, you just attached that to the tub with the clips. The adorable toy bar with a Nemo squirting toy and a Bloat water scooping toy is perfect for babies that aren’t sitting up yet and provides fun entertainment. It even has a really cool water wheel in the middle featuring one of my favorite characters, Squirt! When baby is older and can sit up on their own you can remove the sling from the tub and the toys on the toy bar can then be removed so that baby can continue to enjoy them at bath-time.

Disney Baby Nemos Fun Tub Toys

One thing I always seem to do at bathtime is scramble to find where I put the soap but what I love about the Finding Nemo Fun Tub is that it comes with a tray for you to store all the bath time necessities. Perfect for me because than I can put everything for bathtime right where I need it.

Disney Baby Nemos Fun Tub Storage

It is the most fun tub for babies that I have seen and I love all the bright colors and familiar characters. The toys are great and I love that even a newborn can enjoy bath-time even more because of the toy bar.

Buy It!
The Disney Baby Finding Nemo Fun Tub is available at Babies R Us for $42.99

12 thoughts on “Disney Baby Finding Nemo Fun Tub Review

  1. Very cute, I really like the little “cup” attached to the side – would be great for just storing the things you need for bathtime!

  2. I really like how the tub has a place to put all the bathtime things- very clever and a great way to keep from turning away or being distracted while bathing!

  3. Where was this little Nemo bathing tub when my daughter was an infant? This little tub is SO gosh darn cute! Makes me want to have another baby just to own this tub without seeming like a coo-coo bird. Haa-haa-haa-haa!

  4. It seems a little expensive, but it’s definitely adorable and it looks like a lot of fun. The one we used with my little ones wasn’t nearly colorful or fun. I’m sure kids will love this!

  5. that is adorable! i love finding nemo, and my nephew would love that, i’m gonna have to buy one for him!

  6. this is so cute and amazing cause there is stuff for the baby to play with most tubs are plain and nothing different from the rest so unique

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