See that image? The FTC now requires me to let you know that a post is either paid or if I received a product in exchange for a review on my site at the very top and bottom of every post.  So, you’ll now find one of these images at the top of each sponsor or review post.

Paid (Sponsored) Post– I’m sometimes offered payment in exchange for the time that it takes to test a product or to write an ad or article that would be relevant for my readers.

Reviews– I love to test out products and many times I’m asked to test products out and write my thoughts about the product and take photos of the product in my use. The product is provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. After I write the review the product is then mine to keep.

Affiliate Links- These are when you click a link on my blog and it takes you to a shopping page on a special link unique to me. When you make a purchase through this special link I receive credit in either gift card or cash payment.

My posts are always honest and my own.

I believe in being honest and all of my posts are honest despite receiving payment or product. I’m here to provide you and all my wonderful readers with my real-life experience with a product – the good and the bad and my personal opinions are not and will not be swayed by payment.



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