Deciding What To Do With Your Baby’s Cord Blood #CordBlood411

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The moment you find out your expecting there are so many emotions and thoughts that run through your mind. Will it be a boy, a girl, what will we name them, and most importantly will they be healthy? Every parent worries about the health of their child and considering cord blood banking is an important decision to discuss for your child on the way.

Cord Blood Registry

We considered cord blood banking with our children but with no family history of any of the diseases that were in the current list we didn’t feel it was necessary though I do regret it because it is advancing so fast that while I pray we would never need it, it would be nice to know its there in the event that God forbid we did need it.

Five Facts About Cord Blood Registry

  • CBR is the most experienced cord blood bank. They have helped more than 250 families use their cord blood stems cells for established and experimental medical treatments.
  • The CBR is currently partnering with several universities to further clinical trials investigating conditions such as Autism, Pediatric Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Cerebral Palsy. Their hope is that using banked cord blood can help with these medical issues.
  • CBR offers the collection, processing, and long-term cryopreservation of stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood of newborns. If not banked, the blood is usually discarded with the placenta.
  • Their Arizona storage facility is the world’s largest, and is strengthened by bullet resistant glass and has a floor load capacity that can hold 800,000 pounds. There is no worry that your baby’s cord blood is safe when banked by the CBR.
  • CBR created the world’s only collection device designed specifically for cord blood stem cells. Their device is able to to capture 20% more of essential cells within the blood than other processing methods.

Should you bank your baby’s cord blood?

Expectant parents should be aware of the benefits of cord blood banking and there are several points to consider when making your decision.


Do you have a family history of illnesses that newborn stem cells are currently being used of studied? Do those health conditions run in families? If so, you may benefit from banking your child’s cord blood for conditions treated today and those that are currently being studied through clinical research.

Research your options. Most parents have the ability to store the cord blood stem cells in a family bank or you can choose to donate them to a public bank. If you choose a family bank that gives you the exclusive use to use the cord blood. If you donate them to a public bank the cord blood can possibly help others in need.

Speak to your doctor. If you are considering cord blood banking or just want to know more about it talk about it with your doctor. He/she should be able to give you more information and help you decide on the best option for your baby.

For more information on cord blood banking visit Cord Blood Registry.

Did you bank your baby’s cord blood? Are you considering it for your future children?

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2 thoughts on “Deciding What To Do With Your Baby’s Cord Blood #CordBlood411

  1. This was not available when I had my kids however it is a wonderful idea for parents that think they can afford it. I had a co-worker that wanted to bank the cord blood however it was over what her budget could allow.

    1. It is kind of pricey but if you can’t afford to do it that is why they will let you donate it so that those who are in need can use it. I do hope the prices come down in the future though making it more affordable. If we were at a higher risk with my family history I would have for sure done it no matter the cost but without a family history we decided not to do it at that time.

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