Click for Babies & The Period of Purple Crying – You Can Help by Knitting a Purple Cap to Help Prevent Abuse

Click for Babies Purple Cap Campaign

Click for Babies Purple Cap Campaign

Being a new parent is a challenge, there are so many worries, new routines and all around life adjustments. I’m no different and adjusting to being a mom, though its is by far the most rewarding  and joyful experience I’ve ever had, it has certainly been a HUGE adjustment! When someone says having a baby changes everything, it’s certainly no exaggeration. The first few weeks can be difficult, with the sleepless nights, recovering from childbirth, and adjusting to nursing your child,  it’s normal to have moments of frustration especially when an infant is crying and nothing you are trying is helping. But for some those moments of frustration turn into something far more serious. So I wanted to share this initiative with you in hopes there may be some knitters who can help this great cause!

Each and every day infants across North America are shaken and abused because the person caring for them became frustrated with their crying. Many times the abuse could have been prevented had the person caring for the infant only known that early infant crying may be normal. The Period of PURPLE Crying® is the phrase used to describe the point in a baby’s life when they cry more than any other time. This period of increased crying is often described as colic, but there have been many misunderstandings about what “colic” really is.

Period of Purple Crying Colic

Click for Babies is an initiative to help educate parents caregivers about normal infant crying, how to cope with crying and the dangers of reacting to crying in frustration by shaking or harming an infant. The initiative is being organized by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome (NCSBS) in partnership with invited organizations in an effort to prevent infant abuse, namely Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma and educate caregivers about the Period of PURPLE Crying.

How to Join:
Knit or crochet from 5 to 50 purple baby caps using soft baby friendly yarn and send them to the closest participating hospital or the National Centre in Utah. The aim is to have a hat for every baby born in November at participating hospitals.

By knitting and sending PURPLE newborn baby caps to be given to babies across North America including hospitals in North Carolina, Seattle, Iowa, Kansas, Maine and Ontario, you will make a difference by:

• Raising awareness for this life-saving project – Period of PURPLE Crying – Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome

• Participating in a growing, province-wide grassroots effort to educate new parents about the normalcy of early infant crying and how to cope with the frustration that can accompany it.

You can join the Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or find hat patterns and photos at the Click for Babies website at

To find the hospital closest to you, visit and select “Knit”

6 thoughts on “Click for Babies & The Period of Purple Crying – You Can Help by Knitting a Purple Cap to Help Prevent Abuse

  1. What a wonderful initiative. My heart just breaks every time I hear of another precious jewel that has been injured or worse by and I think how utterly senseless. Anything that can be done to help these adults to cope or to reach out for help is imperative.

  2. What a great idea to spread the word. Crying babies are difficult but this is really helpful and people need to find out about it!
    Because I love your blog and you were so kind to follow me: I would love to have you stop by and visit/link up at my Follow me Friday’s post. I have a link over to your page to spread the word! 🙂
    -Robyn from

  3. This is an awesome idea! I wish I was more crafty and could do some knitting for this program. I’ll try to help spread the word by sharing this post, though!

  4. This is great i hope they make this an annual event. My daughter went through this stage but back then there was no such diagnosis as purple crying, it was just considered colic. It was the hardest thing for me to go through to date i think, but we made it and she is a beautiful 14 yr old now
    Thanks for spreading the word

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