Choosing The Right Dinner Plates

Compare your plates at home to those that you would eat off of in a restaurant. Are they different? I would imagine so.

There are actually twelve different sizes of plates used on a table: service, dinner, luncheon, round salad, crescent salad, fish, dessert, cheese, fruit, tea, bread-and-butter and a fruit saucer. Can you imagine if we used all 12 at home? We would be washing up for days!

At home we tend to use everyday dinner sets, made up from dinner plates, side plates and bowls but we might also have a set put away for special occasions.


By ‘everyday’ dinnerware, we just mean the plates and bowls that you use for your cereal in the morning or sandwiches at lunchtime. These sets are used by the family on most days to eat their meals.

Just because these plates are considered ‘everyday’, doesn’t mean they have to be plain. You can buy sets in all sorts of patterns, from the traditional to bold and fun. Express your personality with your dinnerware – the number of comments you get might surprise you.

These sorts of plates are often very reasonably priced because they may get chipped or smashed because they are being used a number of times a day.

When shopping for tableware, think about how many pieces come in the set and how many people it serves. For example, a 12-piece set may include a dinner plate, side plate and bowl for four people. A 16-piece set won’t serve more people, it will simply include an additional piece of crockery such as a cup.


It’s unlikely that you will want to use your everyday dinner plates for a special occasion so you’ll need a formal set. Unlike your other plates and bowls, formal plates can be very expensive and usually last for many years.

As you’re not planning on replacing these dishes every few months or years, it’s usually best to opt for a rather plain set as you might end up disliking a bold pattern in years to come. You can always dress up your table with a colourful centrepiece or napkins instead. Formal dinner plates make an excellent wedding present too.

Don’t just choose the first dinner set you see – have a think about how you plan to use it before buying and make sure you make the right decision.

This is a guest post by Kira

5 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Dinner Plates

  1. We have 2 sets of dinner plates. One microwavable, dishwasher safe (for normal dining), then bigger plates that must be hand washed (for bigger meals). And of course.. paper plates.. when we feel to tired to do the dishes 😉

  2. Great points! I’m actually looking for dinner plates….non breakable dinner plates:) We have tile floors all over our home, and I am very clumsy….which equals to lots of lost plates, cups, glasses and such.

  3. I had no idea that there were 12 different plates. Wow, who set that standard? I learned something new today. Thank you for the info.

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