Children Don’t Have to Fear the Dentist with DentalVibe

Children and Dentist Anxiety

Children and Dentist AnxietyFebruary is National Children’s Dental Health Month and I’ll be sharing a few posts about encouraging your child to take care of their teeth and gums, a fun giveaway and a great new way to make going to the dentist less scary and less painful when those dreaded cavities happen.

As many as 9-15% of Americans avoid dental care due to their anxiety of pain and needles – that’s over 30-40 million people! For children the statistics are even worse and a 2004 study showed that 20% of children in private pediatric dentistry practices experienced “dental fear.”

Baby Digger is still working on getting her full set of chompers in but we’ve started to instill the importance of caring for her teeth by brushing them daily. I’m sure no one is a fan of the pain of getting a shot in your gums and for children it can be very scary, heck, it’s scary for adults including myself! Now, however, there are new ways to help alleviate that anxiety in younger patients (or older ones like myself :))

DentalVibe - Dental Injection Comfort System

Dental Vibe and ToyDentalVibe® is a new device with a simple purpose – make going to the dentist painless and stress-free. What it does is vibrates using, VibraPulse® technology to send a soothing pulsation into the oral cavity while the Dr. injects the numbing medication. DentalVibe uses “The Gate Control Theory of Pain” to BLOCK the sensation of pain to provide children with a painless experience. DentalVibe even has fun animal tips that help even further help with the stress and anxiety a visit at the dentist can cause a child. For more information or to find a local dentist near you using DentalVibe, visit

Other methods of pain relief when visiting the dentist include numbing with a topical anesthesia (or “numbing gel”). The dentist will place the gel on a cotton swab or a q-tip and placed on the injection site. Once the gel is on for about one minute it numbs the area and makes the injection less painful. Lastly, a dentist can use also use a distraction technique where they will pull or shake the patient’s lip while they inject the needle, providing a diversion that helps to take the patients mind off of the pain.

I love the idea of DentalVibe as a way of taking the pain away for children at the dentist. When it comes time to take Baby Digger to the dentist I’m certainly going to visit a dentist that uses this pain relief method and hopefully she won’t have an overwhelming fear of the dentist.

This is not a paid post. I just wanted to share this information in honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month

4 thoughts on “Children Don’t Have to Fear the Dentist with DentalVibe

  1. eek that needle makes me cringe i think im more nervous of the dentist then my little ones, they actually enjoyed going to the dentist probably because i havent let them hear anything negitive about the dentist. Hopefully they’re opinion doesnt change as they get older

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