Chicco’s new NaturalFit Advanced Feeding System + Giveaway #ChiccoNaturalFit

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When you’re expecting a baby you spend hours preparing for your precious baby’s arrival. I remember spending hours researching all the best top rated baby gear. One of the hardest things to decide on was bottles. My initial plan was to breastfeed but unfortunately it didn’t work out in my favor. So, I needed to find a bottle feed my baby and find a good natural bottle for her.

Pinky had terrible reflux and would loose so much of her food after a feeding. I tried so many different bottles, it was hard finding the right one. There are so many choices out there but what I found to work best is a bottle that is close to what nature intended making a breast to bottle transition easier and that fits their needs as they grow. Chicco’s has a great new feeding system with bottles to fit your baby’s needs that make feeding your baby natural and comfortable for both baby and mama.


Chicco’s NaturalFit Advanced Feeding & Soothing System is engineered to be responsive to the changing feeding styles of our growing babies.

The NaturalFit® Advanced Feeding & Soothing System is engineered to be responsive to the changing feeding styles of babies. Three distinct nipple shapes adapt to the specific needs of growing babies by changing shape as the baby’s way of feeding develops. With over 50 years of feeding experience, Chicco guarantees you’ll love NaturalFit bottles…or your money back!

The newborn bottles have the most unqiue configuration I’ve seen for a bottle, the angle helps to feed baby better with a better neck position that will help prevent gas because the nipple stays full.  Stage 2 allows for a straight nipple and an adjustable flow rate. Finally, stage 3 has an elongated nipple that encourages proper swallow.


Chicco is so confident that their NaturalFit Feeding & Soothing system will be the right fit for your baby that they are now offering a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all NaturalFit bottles. Those who purchase NaturalFit bottles have the opportunity to return the bottles for a full refund plus the cost of shipping (up to $6.99) if they are not satisfied with the purchase. For additional details about the satisfaction guarantee visit


All NaturalFit nipples are made of extra-soft silicone.  The nipple’s shape and texture is designed for easy transition between breast and bottle.


  • Unique angled nipple with wider, rounded base aids newborn latch and encourages proper neck positioning
  • Angle stays full of milk, reducing air ingestion (great for reflux-y babies!)
  • Twin anti-colic valves help prevent air ingestion, gas and spit-up
  • Available as 5 oz (newborn flow) and 8 oz (medium flow) bottles


  • Angled nipple is replaced with a straight nipple and rounded base to adapt to growing baby’s advancing feeding skills
  •  At 4m+ babies have better head and neck control and colic symptoms tend to subside
  • Adjustable flow nipple allows you to adjust flow rate for baby’s growing appetite


  • Designed to accommodate older babies’ increased suction strength
  • Smaller and less rounded base for tighter lip support
  • Elongated nipple encourages correct swallowing as baby’s sucking pattern becomes more efficient
  • Available as 11 oz bottle with fast flow nipple. Y-Cut nipples are sold separately

For more information about Chicco’s NaturalFit Advanced Feeding & Soothing System visit or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Chicco Natural Fit Contest!

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