Charitable Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day of love. Although traditionally people conjure to mind lovers when they think of Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day can also be a day to express love for mankind in general. In addition to getting your significant other something to show him or her your love, you can also send gifts to children in other countries to show your love for mankind. There are a variety of types of Valentines Day gifts you can send to children through humanitarian organizations. Usually, charitable organizations allow you to send a gift to children in need while sending your loved ones a personalized card or e-card as well.

Valentine’s Day Love Bundles

Valentines’s day love bundles are bundles of supplies that provide all the vitals to children in need that they need. Some of the types of supplies that are in these types of bundles include pencils, storybooks and high-energy biscuits. These types of bundles are designed to give ailing families the strength and supplies that they need to make it through their tough times.

Water Purification Tablets

In some areas of the world, the water is not suitable to drink as is. Therefore, by sending water purification tablets as a Valentine’s Day gift to children in third-world countries, you are providing them with one of the most basic essentials that they need for survival. Water purification tablets can sanitize water so that it is safe to drink, making it so that children get the clean water that they need instead of having to drink dirty water.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets are popular charity gifts to send on Valentine’ Day and every other holiday because they can help save lives. These types of nets help keep children and mothers from contracting malaria. The rate of infection can be reduced by half when mothers and children have mosquito nets to protect them from the insects that carry the harmful diseases. When used alone with insect repellant, the mosquito nets are even more effective as a form of protection.

Polio Vaccines

Vaccines are essential for keeping children from contracting contagious viral infections like polio. The polio vaccine can ensure that children won’t contract the disease, ensuring them a polio-free life. Sending these as Valentine’s Day gifts are another great way to show your love to mankind.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing love for your significant other, but for showing love for all people. By sending a gift through a charitable organization, you can show love for both.

7 thoughts on “Charitable Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

  1. This is a great idea! How can you not feel good being able to being able to show love for all people by sending a gift through a charitable organization

  2. I love this idea, my husband and I have been so blessed, it would be nice to share with folks who need it! Besides, I hate flowers.

  3. I think that this is such a better way to spend money. Flowers die candy gets eaten. Do we really need more jewelry?

    Mosquito Nets can save lives.
    Water Purification Tablets can saves
    Polio Vaccines keep you from gettin polio..

    Let’s just hope the warlords don’t get ahold of the items going to the people.

    May God bless and keep the children of the world.

  4. These are wonderful ideas! I think the day causes pressures to go out and spend money just to say “I love you”. These ideas are way better to express love to others too 🙂

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