Catching Up, 36 Weeks Pregnant, Gestational Diabetes and My Crazy Life!

gestational diabetes

Long time no post, right? Life has been crazy these past few weeks – getting ready for baby, dealing with my gestational diabetes, getting all the baby gear and clothes out of storage, going to the doctors twice a week and working full time, oh and blogging (or lack thereof lately!).

Finding out I had gestational diabetes was a huge blow to me, I thought this pregnancy was going so smoothly then BAM! I’m taking my blood all the time, visiting the Dr twice a week and on a carefully monitored diet. It’s not been all that bad and thankfully it’s been kept under control with diet alone so no need for insulin. And most importantly, Baby Girl is doing VERY well, gaining the right amount of weight, moving a lot and well on her way to cooking to full term of 37 weeks.

These pics really sum up the past few weeks for me –

gestational diabetes

testing my blood sugar at work, I have to do this 4x a day

NST test

My weekly NST test

36 weeks

36 Weeks! I’m getting big and getting around has gotten more difficult and sleeping – forget about it!

baby girl

our sweet baby girl cooking away 🙂

and one of Pinky getting ready to enjoy this great winter weather we’ve been having!

I can’t believe that I’m 36 weeks already, I’m ready for this little girl to arrive! All of her clothes are clean and my hospital bag is packed AND we decided on a name but I’m keeping it a secret until I share her first pictures with you 🙂

I’ve got lots of great reviews of baby gear coming up, A LOT of blog catching up to do (I can’t even begin to tell you how many emails I have to go through!) and I can’t wait to share this wonderful and exciting journey with you all! Any guesses on when I’ll have this little girl?


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