Bright Starts Start Your Senses™ Sensory Plush Pals™ Review

Bright Starts Plush Pals

Bright Starts

Bright Starts Start Your Senses Plush Pals ToyBright Starts Sensory Plush Pals Butterfly ToyWe love Bright Starts toys! A few months ago I tested out the Start Your Senses Peek-A-Pal and Baby Digger loved it! So, I was excited to when Bright Starts asked me to review their newest addition to the adorable Start Your Senses line, the Start Your Senses™ Sensory Plush Pals™. Each of the Bright Starts Sensory Plush Pals feature toys that will help your baby’s sense of sight hearing and touch and are great for on-the-go.

The Sensory Plush Pals come in a butterfly or zebra plush. Both are super cute but I choose the Zebra because I knew my daughter would love the little ribbon mane and tail he has. 🙂 When our Zebra arrived my first thought was how cute he is and I was also surprised by how big he is. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but they are a good size (perfect to snuggle up to!) but still easy for on-the-go to throw in the diaper bag.

Bright Starts Plush Pals teetherBaby Diggers favorite feature of her Sensory Plush Pal (just as I suspected) is the brightly colored little ribbons she likes to feel them and flick at them. It also has a little teether toy which is good because she is still teething and her top 2 teeth are coming in, so this little teether has had its fair share of time spent being gnawed on. The little bee rattle is super cute and features bright little beads you can see and she enjoys shaking it and watching them move around. It also has a crinkle toy to help develop sense of touch.

I love having this toy with me when we’re out shopping! I attach it to the stroller and it gives her something to do and its even better that she cant drop it and loose it because it also has a link that you can use to attach it to her stroller. I have to take it in the house once we’re home though, because as you can see Baby Digger likes taking it wherever she goes. 🙂

Bright Starts Plush Pals

Sensory Plush Pals™ Features:

  • High contrast colors and patterns help develop baby’s sense of sight
  • Rattle and clacking rings help stimulate baby’s hearing
  • Crinkle and satin ribbons stimulate sense of touch
  • Mirror for self-discovery
  • Fun Link™ attaches to carriers, strollers, and more for on-the-go fun

My Thoughts:
The Bright Starts Start Your Senses™ Sensory Plush Pals™ are great toys for babies or toddlers and perfect for on the go. They are a perfect size to fit in your diaper bag but also for child to snuggle up with as well. Like the Peek-a-Pal, I love how it’s not only fun for your child but it also helps to develop the senses. It has all sorts of fun activities and its a great toy to have on the go for teething. I love being able to strap it on the stroller and not have to worry about her dropping and loosing it.

Buy It:
Bright Starts Start Your Senses™ Sensory Plush Pals™ are available for purchase online at for $12.99 or at Toys R Us Stores.

This is not a paid post. I received a Bright Starts Start Your Senses™ Sensory Plush Pals™ for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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