Boba Wrap Baby Carrier Review

Boba Baby Wrap Review

bobaWhen I found out I was pregnant with Delaney the one thing I knew I wanted was a baby wrap and was thrilled at the opportunity to review the Boba Wrap. I didn’t have a wrap with Pinky but being that she was an only child then my hands weren’t nearly as full as they are now and I love being able to carry Delaney with me as I get some simple household chores done, playing with Pinky, getting her a snack or drink and running errands.

Boba Wrap

The Boba Wrap material is very soft (which is great for a newborn!), thin and breathable so that I don’t get too hot wearing it and the material is nice and stretchy which makes it very comfortable unlike a stiff carrier. It just feels easy and natural wearing it. It’s made from high quality French Terry material and I’m very pleased with how soft it is, especially since I’m using it with my newborn. It’s also machine washable which makes caring for it very easy. The Boba Wrap comes in a wide range of colors or patterns, I went with black because I wanted it to be versatile to go with any outfit I wear.

Boba Baby Wrap Review

Boba Wrap Review

Delaney is now 2 weeks old and I was able to comfortably and securely place her in my Boba Wrap using the newborn hold which provides a snug comfortable fit and supports her body close and snug next to me, like a cocoon. Her head is supported and lays snugly on my chest so we’re able to snuggle together while I run errands or just work around the house. Delaney loves it, there are times when being in my Boba Wrap is the only thing that makes her happy!

Putting it on was easy, I took a few practice tries so I could get the process down using the YouTube video below. It comes with step-by-step written instructions as well, but being such a visual person I preferred watching the videos to learn how to put it on properly.

The Boba Wrap comes with a convenient carry case that fits nicely in a diaper bag for when you are on the go. I love this baby carrier for infants and newborns and would highly recommended it to moms and moms-to-be.

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  1. i so envy you for being able to babywear your kids!!! I love sineeg Caleb wearing like that. Such a lovely photo and experience.(My son loves being in the sling for like 5 minutes. and that’s about it)[]

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