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BabySpa Baby Skincare

Baby Spa Natural Baby SkincareA newborns skin is so delicate and it can be hard to find a skincare product that is made for the gentleness that a newborn baby’s skin needs. Baby girl #2 is well on her way, I’m 37 weeks pregnant (full term, YAY!) and recently got to check out the unique baby skin care line from Baby Spa.

BabySpa Baby Skincare

The first unique thing I learned about the BabySpa line is that they break out their products into two different stages. Stage 1 products are specifically formulated to naturally care for the sensitive newborn skin when babies skin is the particularly vulnerable to the environmental factors. When Pinky was a newborn, she had such dry skin and I had a hard time keeping her skin moisturized in the winter months.

Let me start with the Calming Massage Oil, massages are great for baby and having a nice natural oil to massage her with is going to be wonderful! Before bedtime I love to give a nice bath and follow it up with a massage. It’s a special bonding time and it helps to relax baby before bedtime for a nice slumber. I love that all the ingredients are natural – organic jojoba oil, sesame oil, avocado oil and jojoba that leave skin moisturized and nourished – naturally! It only takes a few drops so a little goes a long way and it’s perfect for relaxing, calming and bonding with your baby. AND, it doesn’t leave a nasty greasy residue!

I also received the Soothing Face Cream made from gentle skin conditioners such as Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, and Shea Butter to provide long-lasting protection against dryness and irritation. I love that it’s specifically made for babies face because that seemed to be one of the biggest areas that was prone to dryness with Pinky being that it is always exposed to all the elements. Plus, it’s light and mild.

I’m excited to have such a great line of skincare for this new baby, especially being that she will be a winter baby and that is always tough on skin! And I’m VERY much looking forward to bonding with her over massages with the Calming Massage Oil after her baths!

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  1. very cool, I like that they offer a product line for different stages, because your right – a newborns skin requires special care especially during the winter months!

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