Animal Babies Deluxe and Plush : Animals Kids Can Feed & Love Review & Giveaway

I received Animal Babies for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Each of my girls has a natural and great gift of nurturing. They love caring for people and animals. Pinky has a Cabbage Patch Doll that she loves to feed and care for that Loo Loo has also grown very fond of as she gets older.

This holiday I wanted to get them each a baby that they could love, snuggle and take care of. Being that they love animals dearly I was very excited to see the Jakks Pacific Animal Babies Deluxe and Animal Babies plush toys.

Animal Babies Nursery

Animal Babies Nursery is the cutest collection of wild baby animals for kids to adopt, name and love- just like a real baby! With soft fur and cuddly bodies, they make the perfect snuggly companions for all ages. And just like real animals, they come in a wide variety of styles for every kid. Look for Tigers, Monkeys, Leopards, Pandas and more! Collect them all and build your own Animal Babies Nursery!

Animal Babies Deluxe

The Animal Babies Deluxe are 14″ tall and make real baby noises. They giggle, burp, toot and sigh with the press of their belly. They also come with a bottle, a diaper and can even suck their thumb.

I received the Animal Babies Deluxe Baby Fox Plush to review. She is super cute and her fur is nice and soft to snuggle up to.



Each Animal Babies has a wristband so that your child can personally name their baby and write it on their wristband.


The bottle that comes with Animal Babies fits perfectly in their mouth and she can hold her bottle.


She can even suck her thumb! The hands are specially designed so she can suck her thumb but also hold hands with other Animal Babies Nursery Animals.

The sounds they make are cute and realistic. The belly pushes easily so my 2 year old will be able to push it to hear the baby sounds.

The Animal Babies are also durable, so even my rough and tumble 2 year old can drag hers drop it and snuggle it to pieces and it holds up.

I also love that this is a toy that each of my girls can have and play with together. They are a couple of years apart and finding a toy that they can play with together is tough but with a wide age range of 36 months and up this is perfect for both of them!

Animal Babies Deluxe do require 3 C batteries, they are included but I felt this needed mentioning because we rarely have C batteries readily available in our home. Most of our toys take AA or AAA but now we keep a couple extra C batteries around as well.

Animal Babies Plush

Animal Babies Plush are very similar to the Animal Babies Deluxe. The only difference is they don’t make the baby sounds and instead of a bottle they come with a pacifier and a snack.

I received this sweet Animal Babies Baby Siberian Husky Plush which is perfect for my 4-year-old who adores dogs.


The plush Animal Babies are a bit shorter and stand 10.5″ in height. They too like the Deluxe Animal Babies are perfect for rocking, snuggling and taking care of.

For more info on Animal Babies and all the Jakks Pacific toys visit Jakks Pacific online and connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Buy It

All the Animal Babies are available on Amazon, Toys R Us, Target and Walmart. Deluxe Babies are around $24.99 and Plush Babies are around $14.99.

Win It!

Jakks Pacific is letting me giveaway an Animal Babies Deluxe! One lucky reader will win a Animal Babies Deluxe. The animal type will be chosen by the sponsor. To enter fill out the form below.

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