An Adorable Pirate and The Cutest Octopus Ever! Review

Toddler Pirate Costume Review

Halloween is my second favorite holiday next the Christmas and I always get super excited to pick out costumes for my kids and I got to review some great costumes from

This year Pinky had her own ideas on what she wanted to be. It changed a few times but she finally made the decision to be a pirate! had quite a few pirate costumes for her to choose from, I was pretty impressed with the selection!

We sat down together and Pinky picked this High Seas Buccaneer Pirate costume

Toddler Pirate Costume

I love, love, love this costume! It looks just as great in person as it does on the site. I’ve bought costumes before that look great on the site and look cheap and chintzy when you get them – that is SO NOT the case with this costume!

It’s well made and it comes with everything the shirt Dress, buckle, boots, pirate hat and bandanna. I just added some black leggings that I already had and that’s it.

Check out my pirate Pinky! Arrghhh!
Toddler Pirate Costume Review

I also love that I can easily put on a nice warm sweatshirt on underneath so that she stays warm without having to put a coat over her costume (I used to hate doing that as a kid! It just ruins the effect, doesn’t it?)

This pirate costume is a great buy for only $24.99 from

Now for Loo Loo picking her first costume was kind of difficult for me. There are so many adorable costumes at for infants! From little lambs, monkeys, dragon, a peacock, an owl costume – I could go on and on!

So what did we choose for Loo Loo? She’s going to be an Octopus! Check this adorable costume out –

Baby Octopus CostumeWe chose an Octopus because every time I said the word Loo Loo would giggle. So, we asked her – “Loo Loo, do you wanna be an Octopus?” She’d laugh and so it was… shes an Octopus!

The costume is made of a soft plush and inside it’s nice and toasty making it perfect for our crisp fall evenings for Halloween trick-or-treating with her big sister.

It comes with everything you need, the body suit with the attached legs, two foot covers and the hoodie with the eyes on it. The hoodie will help keep her head and ears warm too – perfect!

Just look at how adorable she is!

Infant Octopus Costume Review Octopus Costume BabyI nearly fell over when I saw how adorable she looks in it. Put the two of them together and it’s just too much cuteness for one picture!

Octopus Attack!Octopus attack!

The Tiny Tentacles Octopus Infant Costume is on for $54.99.

If you’re looking for a costume for your kids or yourself I would recommend visiting this site. They have a huge selection and the prices are very reasonable.

For all the latest updates, costume ideas and news from connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Buy It! Get costume ideas and check out all the costumes at, they have a huge selection so no matter what you or your kids want to be this year they are sure to have the perfect one!

What do your kids want to be for Halloween this year? Are you dressing up as well?

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I received costumes to facilitate this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



11 thoughts on “An Adorable Pirate and The Cutest Octopus Ever! Review

  1. These costumes are both so perfect! I’ve shopped on before a few years ago and had a good experience. I still have to get costumes for my kids so I’m going to check out what they have – my little boy wants to be a pirate too this year!

  2. You did not lie, that has to be, hands down, the CUTEST octopus ever! And she makes the most adorable pirate ever!! My kiddos will dress up as a SWAT team member and Jake from Jake and The Neverland Pirates!

  3. I love the pirate costume! Both really. My granddaughter loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and want s to be a pirate for Halloween – you have made my job easier!!

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