A Touch of Charm: Bringing Whimsy and Enchantment into Your Home

Doing a good Spring cleaning sometimes means revamping our space and letting go of last year’s lesser design fads (why did a zebra print throw pillow seem like a good idea again?)

Getting the opportunity to renovate our rooms doesn’t come every year, so it’s time to make it count. For some cozy, clean and romantic vibes, here are five things that will flesh out your space and make it come alive!

Barefoot on the Rug

Furniture pieces are the central players in any space, with the area rug being key among them. A common misstep people take when redesigning their interiors is buying the area rug last. Designer Amy Bubier says that before buying any new fixtures for your space, you should think about the pattern and colors you want to fill the space with. Bubier recommends that we buy your area rugs first. In an interview with HGTV the designer explains: “Often, rugs are the more limiting piece when it comes to pattern, color and what fits in your budget, so you may want tostart with the rug design and move on to the fabrics and paint from there.” To create a welcoming space, an abstract-patterned rug in a soft color palette will open the space and provide movement in the room with its playful decoration.

Turn Down for Throws

After you’ve found your rug, you can continue your pattern and color match, or mismatch designs with your throw. There are a number of fabrics to choose from, but for a sweet, warm room, HGTV suggests going with a faux fur throw. To get your desired effect, you will want to mix and match patterns and texture, this will help you and your guests feel more comfortable in the space and more ready to make valuable use of it. For a dynamic space, place the throw at a diagonal over your sofa’s armrest. This will make the viewer’s eye move throughout the room to land on different elements of the space that bring it together. It will also make it more likely that the throw will be used for what it was designed to be: a blanket!

Seeing the Light

Stepping into a room with harsh overhead light is as uninviting as it is uninspiring. For a warm and alluring setting, designer David Rockwell suggests setting your light sources at different levels. By creating layers of light the room feels balanced and natural. Another thing to keep in mind are the lamps you will be adorning your spaces with. The lamp base is just as important as its bulb. The lamp, like the throw pillow or picture frame, adds depth and character to the space. The design firm Currey and Company specializes in making whimsical, intricately detailed lamp bases inspired by the natural world. To bring the essence of Spring into your home, partner Currey and Company’s Bel Mondo floor Lamp with the Devonside Table Lamp, the repeated geometrical forms and warm burnished metal will make your interior glow.`

Bringing Nature Inside

What does everyone love most about nature? Its beautiful leafy greens. Decorating your home with houseplants will make your home feel like it’s part of a fairy garden. For an enchanted interior, the weeping fig or heart leaf philodendron will capture your romantic spirit. Not only are these plants beautiful, but they will purify the air, too. According to Live Science, houseplant studies have shown that indoor plants absorb gases emitted by certain plastics, fabrics and pesticides. Your home won’t just be charming; it’ll be fresh too! Designer Courtnay Daniels Haden says “that if you are comfortable in your home, everyone else will be too. That sense of authenticity is what gives a home its soul.” Our spaces are a reflection of ourselves, make use of it.

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