A Tasty Low Calorie String Cheese Snack For Busy Moms Like Me from Weight Watchers available at Meijers #NoStringsAttached

This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Being a work from home mom I tend to end up snacking more than I necessarily need to. It’s all too easy to make the walk to the pantry or fridge and grab a bite to eat before heading back to my desk to continue working. This ease has led to some weight gain in the past so I’ve had to adjust my snacking and start tracking my eating to ensure I am not over eating.

The one successful weight loss and weight management program I’ve followed is Weight Watchers. The first time I tried it was 7 years ago and I lost 15 pounds by simply adjusting what and when I ate and without any excessive workout program. I’m not the type to do any sort of strict workout so Weight Watchers is the perfect option for me because most of the foods I like I can eat and if I feel like indulging I still can and go into it knowing that I’m eating most of my points for the day.

The point system for me was actually kind of a fun game for me each day counting my way through the day and leaving some points at the end of the day for a sweet treat for myself once the kids are in bed.

Now, Weight Watchers has one of my most favorite snacks with 50% less fat and 25% fewer calories than the typical String Cheese! I went to my local Meijer store and picked some up for myself to try out.


Weight Watchers Light String Cheese is a satisfying choice when you need a snack on the go and is only 1 PointsPlus value per stick! Now, when I’m in a rush to get a snack and get back to work I can make a healthy and satisfying choice. I think it tastes just as good as the full fat / full calorie brands and satisfies my cheese cravings.



Weight Watchers Light String Cheese is available at Meijer stores and from now until August 20, 2016 there is a coupon for $0.50 per one Weight Watchers String cheese item purchased at Meijer.

Plus there is a No risk trial: Get great taste. No Strings Attached. Valid from 7/24 – 9/17/16. Visit www.TakeTheNoStringsChallenge.com/Meijer for full terms & conditions

For more information visit the Weight Watchers Light Mozzarella String Cheese at Meijer Product Page
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