A Mom’s Review of the 2011 Toyota Sienna “It’s the Swagger Wagon, yeah the Swagger Wagon”

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I recently had another fun opportunity to review the 2011 Toyota Sienna aka the Swagger Wagon 🙂 That was the first thing my husband said when he came home to find this beauty in our driveway. “Hey, it’s the Swagger Wagon!” I just love their marketing campaign for the Sienna, here is the latest Swagger Wagon commercial – check it out:

Toyota Sienna Review Exterior                                     x                                                                               ..So, do I feel cooler in it? And the result is… I have to agree! It’s the Swagger Wagon, yeah the Swagger Wagon! The Sienna is a pretty cool minivan and it does make you feel a bit cooler about driving a minivan. I love that it doesn’t have the bubbly minivan look but rather a sleek look with sharper edges, more like a SUV.

A Spacious Fun-Packed Interior
The interior has lots of room and the seats can slide forward or back so no matter who is riding with you or what your hauling there is a seat configuration that will work perfectly. Which is also great if you have a kiddo that likes to kick the back of your seat. Plus, there is an additional 8th seat! It’s easy to install and if don’t need it there is a special compartment in the back to store it and it doesn’t take up any of your cargo storage space.

Toyota Sienna Review Interior Toyota Sienna Review GPS

The Sienna also has an available DVD system that has a wide double screen video. What that means is that one person can watch something while another watches something else or even plays a video game. Which means less arguing over who gets to watch or play what! Baby Digger is still young and shes our first so we don’t have this problem yet, but I’m sure we will someday.

One thing that I love having a lot of in a car is cup holders. There are only 3 of us but every road trip we take we hold on to our drinks until we get somewhere that we can throw them in the trash so we love having extras! The Sienna is packed with plenty of cup holders so that’s a score in my book!

Toyota Sienna Review Behind the WheelMy one quip with the interior would be the location of the tuner. I’m short and its located on nearly the passenger side so when I wanted to turn to a station that I don’t have saved in my favorites it took too much effort to try and change it. Easily solvable by programming in all your possible channels but I just wish it weren’t so out of reach.

The Swagger Wagon has nice moves, handling and storage!
I loved driving the Sienna, it handles very nicely and has some pep to it. It was easy to park and maneuver around tight spaces. Speaking of parking the Sienna also has a rear camera that also shows you your projected path based on how you have the steering wheel turned. I love back-up cameras and they are an absolute must have in any car I own from now on and I was impressed with the Sienna’s! The trunk is HUGE and had room for our stroller PLUS 2 weeks worth of groceries!

My overall thoughts on the Toyota Sienna
I really enjoyed driving the Toyota Sienna, I love how it handles and it’s ability to get up and go when necessary. The interior is super family friendly with its packed entertainment system, all the space and cup holders plus getting Baby Digger in and out was a breeze! I know from my friends with more than one child that there are very few car options for large families but the Sienna would certainly fit the bill and then some! In the end, did the Swagger Wagon make me feel cool about driving a van? Yeah, it kinda did 🙂

This is not a paid post. I was given the opportunity to drive a 2011 Toyota Sienna for a period of time for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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  1. my family is currently looking for a new vehicle so this is a great review! i like the look of them and the space inside……haven’t decided on a ‘brand’ for sure so these reviews really help-thanks! 🙂

    annae07 at aol dot com

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