A Letter to my 1 Year Old: Happy First Birthday Loo Loo

Dear Loo Loo,

Happy Birthday sweetheart. How did we get here already? The past year has rushed by in a beautiful and chaotic blur. One year ago today at 3:29am you came into this world all 7lbs 4oz and 19 beautiful inches of you.

I spent some time reminiscing looking at your sweet newborn photos and our first few months with you. Looking at your sweet little face, your dark hair and your enchanting eyes. I went through photos month by month watching you grow and turn into the amazing little toddler you are today.



Your goal in life has always to keep up with your big sis, but please slow down. Enjoy being little and don’t rush through your childhood.


You crawled at 6 months and never stopped. You stood a couple of weeks later and by 9 months you were walking. Your so determined and when you set your mind on something you don’t stop until you succeed. It’s inspiring and meanwhile you certainly keep your dad and me on our toes.


Now your starting to understand what we are saying when we talk to you and it’s so fun. I love waking up and peeking in your door to see that big grin on your face and when I say hi and good morning you excitedly wave at me.

You love to make us laugh and have such a great sense of humor. I’ll never forget the moment I was standing in the kitchen and I heard you giggling. I glanced over at you and found you with a tupperware container on your head. I laughed and we both started laughing together. Then you did it again and again and again to make me laugh.


All of the almost sleepless nights, the many cuddles, bedtimes, meal times, pacifier hunting. All the laughs, tears, screams, tantrums. All these moments have been an amazing blessing and I am so lucky to be your mama or as you say mamamamamamamamama. Your beautiful, wonderful, loving, silly, fun and we love you more than words can say.

I love you to the moon and back again and back again and back again and back again times infinity to the infinith power. Happy First Birthday.



15 thoughts on “A Letter to my 1 Year Old: Happy First Birthday Loo Loo

  1. What a beautiful baby! The pictures are precious, especially the one with her sticking out her tongue! It make me chuckle. The time goes by sooooo fast. My “baby” just turned 16!!! I so miss him being little. i miss the cuddling and the sleepy good morning kisses. it just goes by in a blur. Cherish every moment . Before you know it she will be getting her drivers license & going on dates. Its so hard to let go! Happy Birthday to your little angel.

    1. It really did fly, I know one day I’ll wake up and she’ll be 16 and I’ll wonder the same thing – where did the time go! I’m cherishing these moments and shed a tear putting her to bed tonight holding her just like I did when I held her for the first time.

  2. So Sweet! What a precious lil girl! (both your girls are precious) Love the photo of her and the cake.It’s amazing how time flies. Happy Birthday to your sweet lil one!

  3. Your daughters are both so beautiful. Happy Birthday LooLoo.

    Your letter made me cry. I can tell just by reading it what a good mother you are and what lucky little girls you have.

    May God bless you all and watch over you.

    Oh one more thing.

  4. She is absolutely adorable! And what a lovely idea to write her letters on your blog, I love it 🙂 And that first photo is fantastic.

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