5 DIY Photograph Ideas for Your Valentine

Delaney - photo taken with Lightscoop

Taking photos is a favorite new hobby of mine, my husband gave me a Canon 40D years ago and I’m just now getting familiar with all the settings. I love being able to take professional looking photos of my girls without having to spend lots of money for professional photos. My number one trick to taking great photos though has by far been my Lightscoop®, I did a review of the Lightscoop last year and it was love at first shot.

Lightscoop Review

I recently did my first photo shoot of Delaney and it was a lifesaver. It’s a simple design really, using a mirror to bounce the flash off of the walls that creates the perfect lighting for indoor photos without getting that gross “flash look”.  They recently came out with the Lightscoop® Deluxe so stay tuned for my review, I cannot wait to test it out!

Lightscoop is currently offering 15% off your order with the code VALENTINE15 from 2/11 – 2/18

Here is a photo I took of Delaney using my Lightscoop –

Delaney - photo taken with Lightscoop

Looking for a great DIY photo idea for your Valentine? Here are 5 great Valentine’s Day photo ideas –

1. Create intimacy. Photographic intimacy, that is, we’ll leave the other one up to you.  Take your sweetheart’s portrait. The trick is this… no mugging for the camera. No frozen grins or awkward poses. See if you both can simply gaze at one another (yes, yes, with the camera between you). Come in close enough to your partner’s face to eliminate distracting background clutter. Quiet now. Focus on the eyes, and watch for a movement of the lips, a lift of the brow, a turn of the head. Just look at one another. Snap freely, but stay closely framed. The tighter the shot, the more intimate the portrait.

2. Turn the camera. After you both look at the results of the portrait you have just taken — and if its decisive moment hasn’t resulted in its own after-moment — hand the camera to your honey. It’s time for your partner to return the favor and take your picture… framing it tight, as in the one you have just taken, and watching carefully to capture YOUR quiet facial gestures. Remember… the closer the shot, the more intimate the image.

3. Or, enter the picture. Set up a tripod and use the self-timer to make a portrait of the two of you. But plan ahead, all by yourself, so that your moments together will be relaxed and fun. Frame the picture ahead of time to allow space for you both. (If possible, shoot some practice shots with friends standing in—but they should leave before your Valentine even knows about the session!) Pre-select the camera settings and focus in advance. Once it’s just the two of you, situate your partner, put the camera on self-timer and ease into the shot. One trick is to position the camera in front of a mirror so that the two of you can actually see into the mirror and see what the camera sees. Shoot lots of images. By the end of the session, you will both be giggling messes. And maybe the last shot is the one you’ll love the most.

4. Make a Memento.  Surprise your other half by photographing a dramatic still life of a favorite object or objects: maybe his battered old baseball glove and muddy cleats; her dried wedding bouquet, safeguarded over the years; a dog-eared favorite book; a well-worn footstool that was great-grandma’s. Before you start, study the composition and lighting in still life paintings and photos. What other elements will you use to create the composition? What artistic techniques can you borrow to create the perfect still life that capture’s your lover’s passion(s)?

5. Steal a Moment. What about capturing a candid for keeps? Carry your camera at all times for the next day or so. Stand back. Watch for your sweetie’s unguarded quiet moments — reading by a window, lifting a cup of steaming coffee, pouring a glass of wine, touching your child’s head. Don’t make a fuss, but shoot. Shoot a lot. Shooting digitally allows you to make countless images at no extra cost. At the end of a few days, select a favorite image to print… or perhaps several to create a collage. The message: What I love about you on Valentine’s Day and every day.

And finally… Remember, if you need to elevate the light indoors for these shots, bouncing the flash allows you come in as tight as you’d like for portraits without that “nuked” direct flash look. You can tilt most external flashes — or use the Lightscoop® and a built-in flash — to redirect the light to a ceiling or wall. Flash prevents blur from camera or subject movement when shooting candid photos. Bouncing the light also makes the flash far less intrusive since it doesn’t glare into your subject’s eyes. Finally, bouncing the light off a wall will create the most romantic light of all. Sidelight like that streaming through a window is beautiful for portraits as well as still life images. Study the masters and see for yourself.

Lightscoop® is available at www.lightscoop.com, there is the standard, Lightscoop Deluxe and Lightscoop Jr. for non-DLSR cameras. Don’t forget to use the code VALENTINE15 to get 15% off your order from 2/11 – 2/18.


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  1. What a beautiful photo of your little one! These are some great tips. AlthoughI think the best tip I got was to find me a lightscoop! :o) Thanks

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