5 Most Stylish TV Moms: Steal Their Fashion

5 Most Stylish TV Moms Steal Their FashionYou might watch shows for the comedy, the drama or the thrill, but sometimes the characters are so well dressed, you watch them for the fashion. Being a mom might not sound like something that lends itself to cool fashion, but these five stylish TV moms are extremely fashion forward.

You don’t need stylists surrounding you to look as chic as these ladies do, though. Just research their distinctive styles and learn where you can find affordable and accessible versions in the store.

Betty Draper from ‘Mad Men’

Betty Draper really encompasses the retro style the show is going for. She has the classic pin-up look that’s shown off in some fantastic outfits, such as a slinky black dress adorned with pearls and accessorized with gloves. The retro look can be found in many stores as this style has become more popular with shows such as “Mad Men” airing, but a specialty site such as ModCloth might be the better choice to emulate vogue. See her signature style in this clip, and obtain AMC and other cable channels through www.Cox.com, www.install-direct-tv.com, or a satellite provider.

Rayna Jaymes from ‘Nashville’

“Nashville,” as you might expect, is a Southern-themed series that features Rayna Jaymes as a country superstar. She dresses to the nines for her performances, but her fashion in day-to-day styles shows you can look great while still having practical attire. One outfit has her in dark-wash, boot-cut jeans that flow well with the blue-accented drape for the top. The look is finished with a fantastic pair of boots.

Alexis Bellino on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’

“The Real Housewives” series is a great source for fashion, both for high-end and everyday pieces. Alexis Bellino is one of the most fashionable ladies on the current season. She’s a dress designer, so many of the clothes she wears are from her own creative mind. She balances business, social life, and her children while dressing up.

Regina Mills from ‘Once Upon a Time’

Regina might be known as the evil queen, but there’s nothing evil about her fashion. The show switches back and forth between the fairytale land and the modern day, and her fashion on both sides is fantastic. While it might not be practical to run around in a fantasy dress as she does, Regina’s modern fashion shows off her powerful position as mayor with great pant suits perfectly tailored for comfort and style points.

Gloria Pritchett on ‘Modern Family’

Gloria Pritchett has a hard job managing both son and husband, but she’s rocking it out while showing off great outfits. She opts for form-fitting and slinky outfits that show curves, and even clothes that show great style for pregnant women.

Which TV mom do you think is most fashionable? Tell us in the comments.

Image by Ann Larie Valentine pursuant to the terms of her Creative Commons license.

7 thoughts on “5 Most Stylish TV Moms: Steal Their Fashion

  1. I love regina mills style from Once Upon a Time – where her character might not be the nicest thing in the world, her style is really classy – I love that! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  2. I love Mad Men and Modern Family – both ladies are very classy and sexy without being trashy. However at my age I just wish to look OK and stay healthy – I do not bother much with makeup.

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