4 Reasons to Do Your Teaching Qualifications Online Rather Than on Campus

teachBecoming a teacher is a dream for a lot of people. Some want to spend their career influencing young people and helping them prepare for their own future careers. Some enjoy spending time with kids and enjoying how they see the world. Others, perhaps from a more practical point of view, like the way that teaching work can enable you to work around your own family more easily than a lot of professional jobs, owing to the fact you’ll have the same vacation and working times as your own children.

Qualifying as a Teacher

Whatever your reason, teaching is something you can do with most majors, as long as you studied something that is taught at a school level. This can be anything from art to history, math to politics. You do need to enhance your own education with a teaching program, however, in order to learn things like how to devise good lesson plans and how to manage a classroom. You may be very good at your own discipline but teaching it to kids is a skill set all of its own.

You can do a masters in education or, if adult education is your preference, a master of education in adult and continuing education program at most universities, however another option that is becoming increasingly popular is to do your masters in education or master of education in adult and continuing education degree online. Online obtained degrees are now seen as just as credible as college campus obtained qualifications, and so for a lot of people, the online degree option presents more benefits. But what are they?

Less Cost

Being a teacher pays fairly well and can sustain you as a career, however it is never going to make you a billionaire and is more something people choose out of love for the work and the lifestyle. Doing your degree online helps you avoid student debts that can keep garnishing your salary for decades.

Take as Long as You Need

Studying online for your teaching qualification is also a better option because you can do the work in your own time, earning your degree alongside another job or looking after your family if you need to.

No Need to Relocate

To attend a private college for your masters in education, you may well need to commute or relocate. This is expensive in and of itself, but also rules it out for people with children or other commitments that require them to stay in the local area. With an online degree you may need to make the odd trip for exams, though this is not always the case, and you can do almost all of the work from home.

Making the Most of Technology

For people who want to teach in particular, doing an online degree has the side effect of teaching you about learning technology. This may well be useful when thinking about the best ways of teaching your own students later on.

An online degree has a lot of pluses and no real downsides, so if you want to train as a teacher, it is well worth thinking about!

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