3 Things you should know about electricity ratings in Houston

In Houston, electricity rates are not fixed. Ratings vary depending on every person’s usage and electric plan. Some plans have relatively flat rates, while others are all over the place. As a result, you can end up paying 7 cents for 999 kWhs and 8.5 cents for 1001 kWhs. If you reside or are planning to move to Houston, you should know the following three things about electricity ratings to secure the best plan that will suit you.



  • When to Shop for Electricity. In Houston, you cannot do without electricity since it is a hot place and you need to air condition your home. Electricity bills are always high in the summer than at any other times of the year. Most people complain of “price-gouging” during the summer. However, you need to understand that as the heat increases, the demand for electricity rises as more of it is required to cool our houses and businesses. With the rise in demand, the extra power has to come from somewhere. Typically, Houston generates electricity from natural gas, which is cheap. When the demand increases past the level that is created by the natural gas plants, Houston fires up some older and expensive coal plants to cover the disparity of electricity needed. As a result, it is wise to look for a long-term fixed rate plan when the rates are at the lowest point. The best time to purchase such a policy is during the winter up until the beginning of spring.




  • Best Electricity Plans. There are many choices for electricity plans in Houston, and the power to choose comes with a need for information. As a result, you will need to look at different energy companies in Houston before selecting a plan that works for you. Compare all the companies side by side and consider what most people prefer. However, the decision on the cheapest company will depend on your usage. For example, if you live in an apartment, your usage is low. As such, you should look for a company, which offers the lowest rate for the lowest kWh. The best place to start is to know the amount of power you use. Calculate your usage and find the plan with the lowest electricity rates.




  • Choosing the Best Company. The best place for you to start looking for an electric provider is visiting a comparison website. These websites list all the electricity plans available to your zip code, allowing you to compare offers side-by-side to help you choose a method that is right for you. Always check for the minimum usage fee before making a decision. The minimum usage fee is what the company will charge you for not using a certain amount of electricity. Such information is available in the EFL. On the other hand, some companies will also offer a discount if you exceed a certain usage level.



In conclusion, consider the payment options of the company you chose. A good company will have different alternatives to enable every customer to pick their ideal payment method.  

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