Mommy Digger, huh?

Hello and welcome! You may be asking yourself, what the heck is Mommy Digger? Well, Mommy Digger is the name my husband lovingly coined for me for this here blog. Like grave digger (you know, the monster truck that comes on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!), I’ll be mowing stuff over. But in this case I’ll be mowing through all sorts of great tips, products and ideas for mommys – from birthday party ideas to toy and baby product reviews.

I am the mother of one beautiful daughter named Pinky and wife to my wonderful husband. I am a full time working mother, by day I am a graphic designer. I’m constantly on the Internet and always finding really cool ideas and people ask me where I get them so I thought having my own blog to share these great finds would be wonderful! I hope you enjoy, make yourself at home and bookmark me so you can come to visit often!

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