2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

Last year I did what I said I’d never do and got a minivan. While I like the convenience of my minivan I miss my days of driving my SUV. I’ve been longing to drive another and recently got the opportunity to test drive a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe for a week.



Now, I miss my SUV more than ever. The Hyundai Santa Fe is packed with lots of cool features so much that I didn’t really even miss the convenience of my minivan.

It’s a great road trip vehicle! The girls were nice and comfortable in the rear seats and we were comfortable in the front.


2014-Hyundai-Santa-Fe-Review Navigation is easy to use and got us everywhere we wanted to go with ease. The navigation system in it is one of the most user-friendly nav systems that I have used yet.


It does pretty good on gas mileage with 22 MPG around town and 27 MPG on the highway. Way better than my gas hog of a van at a max of 20MPG.

It drives wonderfully and I rested easier because the Hyundai Santa Fe received a 4 star overall safety rating, 4-star passenger and 5-star for both side front and rear-seat crash test ratings.

The girls love to listen to music and sing when we go on road trips and the entertainment package in the Hyundai Santa Fe has a great sound system that is easy to manage using the steering wheel controls. We had quite a few jam sessions in it!

The trunk space is not lacking either. Plenty of room for groceries and stuff!


Overall I think that the Hyundai Santa Fe makes a great family vehicle. It’s comfortable, roomy, fun to drive and good on gas making it easier on my wallet. It’s stylish too with a young look to it. I can’t wait to be back in the car market again so I can drive another SUV like this!

If you’re looking for a new vehicle I’d recommend checking the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe for yourself. Find your local Hyundai dealer online at Hyundaiusa.com.

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  1. I drive a minivan too but my lease is ending very soon and I think I’m going to take a look at a Santa Fe. Looks and sounds like a great little SUV.

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