1st Birthday Bash : Bright Starts Start Your Senses™ Peek-A-Pal Review

Bright Starts Peek-A-Pal Review

Bright Starts

Peek-A-Pal Baby Toy
Keep baby entertained on the go or anywhere!

The Bright Starts Peek-A-Pal features an adorable little worm in an apple that once pulled strecthes out and vibrates back inside. I recently recieved this super cute baby toy for review. I took it out of the box and my daughter was sitting next to me and instantly she smiled and reached out for it. I took it out of its packaging for her and she began to happily play with it.

I take our Peek-A-Pal with us for car rides and shopping it keeps her happy and entertained. The other day while driving she was pulling on the Peek-A-Pal over and over and over and over again (you get the picture, lol) and giggling. When we are out and about I take the Peek-A-Pal out of the car and put it on the stroller. It’s easily within her reach and she loves playing with him and chewing on the pull handle while mommy shops 🙂 Another one of her favorite things is when we put it on her wrist and she pulls on it with her other hand.

The Peek-A-Pal features high contrast colors that help to develop your baby’s sense of sight and lots of fun textures to help develop babys sense of touch. Pinky loves the crinkling and rattle sound that it makes!

Bright Starts Peek-A-Pal Review

Bright Starts Peek-A-Pal Features:

  • Pull handle to see plush worm stretch out of the apple and vibrate back inside
  • High contrast colors and patterns help develop baby’s sense of sight
  • Multiple textures for tactile development
  • Crinkle leaves and rattle beads stimulate auditory development
  • Easily attaches to carriers, strollers, and more for on-the-go fun

My thoughts:
Peek-A-Pal Toy by Bright StartsI love the Peek-A-Pal toy, its such a bright fun toy with lots of cool textures and sounds to help babies development. Pinky is a very busy girl and always on the go and this toy keeps her entertained even on longer trips. The pull handle is really easy to pull and she gets such a kick out of watching the worm vibrate his way back into the apple.  It’s easy to take from car to the stroller and back into the house because its very easy to take on and off again. I love this toy and not only is it fun for my daughter but its helping develop her sensory and motor skills!

Buy It:
The Peek-a-Pal is a great toy for babies and toddlers. The Peek-A-Pal can be purchased from the Bright Starts website or a Bright Starts retailer near you for around $6.99.

This is not a paid post. I received a Bright Starts Peek-a-Pal for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


12 thoughts on “1st Birthday Bash : Bright Starts Start Your Senses™ Peek-A-Pal Review

  1. That is cute. At this point my almost 2 year old twins know how to pull down the Tv in the car. lol
    I’m following back from last Sunday blog hop (sorry it took so long). I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Cute toy!!! I always loved the vibrating toys because my kids would giggle and I love that sound!!! My gang is too old but I do have a 7 month old nephew and this would make a cute little gift for him!!! Great to find your site on VoiceBoks!! I love the catch up weekend becuase I’m always finding great sites!! I am now a follower and I liked your FB fan page, so I will be kept up to date!! Have a great weekend!!

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