1 in 4 Children in the US Go to Bed Hungry : Hunger Hits Home – Tune in Saturday April 14th at 8/7c on the Food Network

Hunger Hits Home

Hunger Hits Home

When we think of a hungry child, we usually don’t picture them in the US. I never used to… But, sadly, right here in the US 1 of 4 are. Hunger Hits Home will give a first hand look at children, families, teachers and politicians who are fighting this battle.

HUNGER HITS HOME  on Saturday, April 14th 8/7c on the Food Network

In an effort to support and fight against childhood hunger, Food Network in partnership with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign will air a 1-hour special documentary, focusing on families who struggle with hunger and community leaders who are taking action to fight it.

Change begins with you. See it. Support it. Share it.


See It. Gather your friends and family to watch the documentary with you.

Share It. Tell your friends about the documentary and invite them to view a trailer at Foodnetwork.com/hungry.

Support It. $1 can connect a child in need with up to 10 meals. We hope you will make a donation to the No Kid Hungry Campaign. Also, add your name to our petition and help to encourage our elected officials to support the essential child nutrition programs.

You Can Make A Difference!


9 thoughts on “1 in 4 Children in the US Go to Bed Hungry : Hunger Hits Home – Tune in Saturday April 14th at 8/7c on the Food Network

  1. Wish I had gotten to see this documentary! Hopefully it will be available online. A lot of the kids I work with face this problem at home, and it really is sad. Hope this opened up a lot of people’s eyes on the matter!

  2. I heard about this documentary. Sadly I did not get to see it. If I was lucky enough to have television then my children would be unlucky and probably go to bed hungry. I find it sad when I know people with limited income and always hear their children say they are hungry. My extra bag of grapes usually find those children well on our park trips.

  3. Sadly the stats used to be 1 in 6.. now it is 1 in 4. People don’t realize that if they look around it is their neighbors, friends, people they would never suspect. It is in the USA not some 3rd world country.

    Americans need to wake up and fast that charity starts at home or the numbers will rise. I volunteer at a food give away site and it is staggering.

    This was a great documentary and I follow alot of the folks on twitter who backed this.

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